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SQLEditor is a SQL database design and entity relationship diagram (ERD) tool for OS X. It replaces typing SQL by hand with dragging, dropping, and clicking, making database creation faster and easier. And if you already have a database, then SQLEditor can help you see what it looks like by reverse engineering a diagram. Or use SQLEditor to create documentation with the new design report exporter. SQLEditor may be useful if you need to design a database or you have existing databases to manage. It’s also useful if you’re learning about database design.

SQLEditor supports exporting database designs to MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, Oracle, and others. Plus it also imports and exports Ruby On Rails Migration files.


SQLEditor makes database design easier

Add tables and columns, indexes and foreign keys with the click of a mouse. See everything that you’ve created displayed in front of you. You can zoom out to see an overview of the structure, zoom in to see the details, everything remains editable at all zoom levels. The inspector panel displays object specific editing options for each object type and you can edit multiple objects at the same time.

Working with your existing database

Import it into SQLEditor, make changes easily and then update the database with the changes that you’ve made. Use the diff sidebar to see the changes you’ve made in the current session, or compare against another file. SQLEditor can create a diagram from both source SQL files and live databases. You can also import and export Ruby on Rails migration files. SQLEditor logs all of the instructions that it uses so you can see what changed, and you can preview changes before exporting if you want to check the correctness first.

Presenting your database

Once you’ve built your database, SQLEditor can help you present your work to your customers, clients or boss. You can export in PDF or PNG formats for use in presentation programs and web sites. Why not put a diagram into your presentation to show how all of the tables fit together? Documentation creators may find a SQLEditor image is useful for explaining how tables fit together or which objects link to each other.

SQLEditor works with other tools

SQLEditor can create diagrams from snippets of SQL, tables can be pasted into SQLEditor, edited and copied out again in moments. SQLEditor parses SQL it finds on the clipboard and turns it into objects you can edit. Need to quickly create a table in a command line sql client? Create it in SQLEditor and paste it in, simple! And it works the other way too, if you have some SQL you need to visualize.

Major databases Supported

You can export to major database systems including MySQL, SQLite, Postgres and Oracle. SQLEditor customizes the SQL produced to work with the dialect you want. SQLEditor also supports editing Ruby on Rails migration and schema files. We also have an experimental Django plugin.


CompatibilityOS X 10.9 or later

What’s New in SQLEditor 3.6.2

New Features

  • This release supports Mac OS Catalina / 10.15
  • New object visibility menus in toolbar and view menu – show and hide objects by type
  • New Help system, should work the same as AppleHelp and contain the same content as before
  • New option for comments without visible titlebars
  • New command to show only fields that are primary keys in tables
  • Now bundles and uses Amazon Corretto Java 11
  • New system to save django properties when used
  • New preferences panel to edit the saved django properties list
  • Updated feedback reporter to newer release from upstream
  • Hardened runtime enabled
  • First notarized version
  • Removed obsolete Java 6 support
  • Updated drag and drop code


  • Fixes for foreign keys where fields are hidden (the line retargets the table header)
  • Fix for left sidebar icon drawing on 10.12,10.13
  • Fix for potential issue where invalid django properties could render a file unreadable by SQLEditor
  • Updated some old code that still used old style alert panel methods
  • Removed final parts of Java 6 installation code
  • Fix for bug where “Show All Objects” would not show table components that had been hidden
  • Fix for incorrect checkmarks in visibility toolbar item menu
  • Fix for bug in feedback reporter where tab view labels would disappear
  • Feedback reporter now displays the log data in the console tab instead of the script tag
  • Warnings about ASL access in feedback system have baeen fixed
  • Fixes for some memory management issues
  • Fixed some web links that were using http instead of https
  • Fixes for new help system search on 10.10 and 10.11


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