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Soulver 3 smart notepad with built in calculator icon
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Descriptions for Soulver

Soulver helps you do quick calculations and work things out. Use Soulver to play around with numbers, do “back of the envelope” calculations, and solve day-to-day problems.

Annotate your numbers with words, so that they make sense to you. Soulver picks out the numbers and calculates your answer as you type. Do calculations over multiple lines, and refer to previous lines, much like a spreadsheet.

Soulver is great for adding things up, doing all kinds of percentages easily, and converting things, like currencies. It’s quicker to use than a spreadsheet, and smarter and clearer than a traditional calculator.

Key Features:
  • A text editor for working stuff out & doing quick calculations.
  • Use words amid your calculations so your numbers make sense
  • Easily do percentages (“$120 10%”, “30 as a % of 200”)
  • See a running total of all your lines
  • Do easy conversions (“10 USD in Euros, “22 feet in meters”)
  • Do calculations with stocks (“100 AAPL”)
  • Refer to previous lines using tokens.
  • Create variables to hold frequently used numbers
  • All the standard mathematical functions.
  • Support for calculations in binary & hex.
  • Save your work & share it with the iPhone & iPad versions of Soulver.
  • Export into PDF & HTML emailing.
  • Support for Resume & Versions on Mac OS 10.7 Lion


OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit

What’s New in Soulver

  • Release notes not available at the time of this post.


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