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Sketch 62

Sketch: graphic design for a digital world. Powerful tools and an elegant interface, in a single award-winning package. Because making beautiful things should be a joy, not a burden.

Sketch supports multiple fills, borders and shadows per layer; has powerful non-destructive boolean operations; smart pixel alignment; and makes exporting a breeze with automatic slicing and multiple resolution export.

Vector tools and basic shapes are the foundation; whether you are designing icons, websites, interfaces or anything else. Combine these into complex shapes with non-destructive boolean operations, leaving you free to edit them in the future, then apply advanced layer style options like multiple shadows, fills, gradients, noise, blending, background blurring, and more.

Sketch doesn’t just do shapes, of course. Imported images can be rotated, scaled, cropped and masked. The best-in-class text tool lets you add beautiful typography to your designs, using native font rendering, so you can be sure that text always looks 100% accurate!

Brand new to Sketch 3, Symbols allow you to reuse entire groups of content in multiple places in your design. Think of interface elements such as buttons, headers and footers. Change them once, and they update everywhere in your document.

Built for the Mac, Sketch supports OS X’s Versions and Auto Save, letting you focus on your work instead of hitting CMD+S. Keep your work safely in sync across multiple Mac computers with iCloud. And take Sketch full screen to maximise the size of your canvas.

All this power is deliciously baked into Sketch’s single-window interface. Everything is there, tucked away until you need it. A simple interface with powerful tools.

What’s New:

Version 62

  • A better way to create and save documentsWhen inspiration strikes, you shouldn’t have to think about whether your document is being saved to Cloud or on your Mac, so we’ve fixed that. Now, instead of choosing whether a new document should be a Cloud or local document when you create it, you’ll make that choice when you save it instead.
  • New Smart Layout controlsYou can now make sure your Smart Layout buttons don’t become too tiny to tap and form fields never shrink too small by setting minimum dimensions. You’ll find this much-requested feature under the Layout section of the Inspector when you set a horizontal or vertical layout. And don’t worry, the option to set maximum dimensions is coming soon.

What’s improved

  • Previously you could open Cloud documents in the Mac app, from your browser, by adding sketch:// in front of your document URL. Now you can do that with the URL for specific Pages and Artboards. When your document opens, you’ll be taken to the right place, right away.
  • Now, when you’re viewing the Layer List, you can press ⌘ ⇧ F to switch to the Components Panel and head straight to the filter/search field. We’ve literally saved you a click.
  • We’ve added a new “Swap at Original Size” option to the Components Popover when you’re swapping Symbols. It’s enabled by default and means that when you swap Symbols, the instance you’ve selected will resize to fit its new Symbol master. If you’d prefer the instance size to stay the same, you can uncheck this option.
  • Instead of asking you to confirm your choice any time you delete a Component, we’ll now only show the delete dialog if it will affect any of your layers in your document.
  • You’ll now find Libraries tabs in the sidebar of the Documents window, giving you quick access to any Libraries in your team or personal Cloud workspaces.
  • When you edit a Cloud Library master document, things should feel a little more smooth. Previously you’d have to save your changes, wait for them to appear in your Library preferences, then download them. That felt a little silly. Now when you edit a Cloud Library master document, it will update in your Library preferences as soon as you save it.
  • We’ve made some tweaks to the Components Panel and Popover to improve performance with Libraries of all shapes and sizes. Expect things to feel a little faster from now on.
  • We’ve improved the accuracy and appearance of previews for documents with missing fonts, especially on layers with specific alignment or Smart Layout settings, and those where multiple instances of the same text layer were present in a single document. If you’ve noticed missing fonts displaying incorrectly in your document previews, you’ll need to open and resave those documents with all the correct fonts available to take advantage of these fixes.
  • The macOS Auto Save option in Preferences now applies to both local and Cloud documents. Previously this only applied to local documents and Cloud documents always had Auto Save enabled, but now the same preference affects both.
  • If you have a lot of Libraries, scrolling through Preferences and finding the one that needs an update can be a bit of a pain. Now, clicking on the “Shared Library Update Available” badge will open Preferences and scroll right to the first Library that’s available to update.

What’s fixed

  • Fixes a bug that could sign you out of your Sketch Account when waking your Mac from sleep mode.
  • Fixes a bug where selecting “Enable and Open Library” for a Symbol instance from an uninstalled Cloud Library would open the Library master document, but not download the Library itself.
  • Fixes a bug where nested Symbols could appear in the wrong position when you inserted a Symbol from a Library.
  • Fixes a bug where measurements wouldn’t appear after you clicked and dragged to select a layer in the Canvas, while pressing the Option key.
  • Fixes a bug where shadows on layers with centered borders might not appear as you’d expect them to.
  • Fixes a bug where scrolling down to the bottom of the Components popover would not work as expected.
  • Fixes a bug that meant it wasn’t possible to open your Cloud Libraries via the contextual menu in the Libraries tab in Preferences.
  • Fixes a bug where opening or closing a path would flatten rounded corners.
  • Fixes a crash that could occur if you quit Sketch while the Preferences window was open in front of a document.
  • Fixes an issue where only the first component of a selected Library would appear in the Components Panel in some cases.
  • Fixes a bug where the Components Panel wouldn’t update to reflect any components you recently created or deleted.

Compatibility: macOS 10.13.4 or later, 64-bit processor
Homepage https://www.sketch.com/updates/


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