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Descriptions for ShottyBlur 1.3

Take a layered screenshots with a vibrancy effect.

Vibrant Screenshots with Layers.

Make screenshots of your windows with vibrant blurry effect on separate layers.

  • Directly drag screenshots into graphic app to continue work with them
  • Drag and drop screenshots into finder to save PSD or PNG documents.
  • Organise your screenshots- save them in Shotty documents.
  • Inspect transparency on checker or white background.


  • Supports Windows With Vibrant Blurry Effect
  • Transparent Background
  • Screenshots With Separate Layers
  • Screenshots Without Layers
  • Customizable Shortcuts
  • Directly Drag And Drop Into Graphic Apps
  • Store Screenshots In Shotty Documents
  • Checker Or White Background Preview
  • Export to PSD(with layers), PNG, JPEG, TIFF
  • Selecting and saving multiple sublayers of screenshots
  • Pinch zoom and smart zoom with trackpad


CompatibilityOS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor

What’s New in ShottyBlur 1.3

  • Hide Until New Shot – an option to temporary hide ShottyBlur completely until you make a new screenshot
  • Activate it by pressing Ctrl-H shortcut
  • Stability improvements


ShottyBlur Screenshot 01 1j3i7yiy
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ShottyBlur Screenshot 03 1j3i7yiy
ShottyBlur Screenshot 04 1j3i7yiy
ShottyBlur Screenshot 05 1j3i7yiy


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