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PANTONE Color Manager

PANTONE Color Manager 2.3.4 macOS

Pantone Color Manager is: A complete set of digital libraries Pantone, comprising more than 11 million colors.

PANTONE® Color Manager provides access and update all relevant at the moment libraries PANTONE®, which you can easily use in design applications and Adobe® Quark®. PANTONE® Color Manager will help achieve unprecedented quality color reproduction PANTONE® all modern design applications. PANTONE® Color Manager includes a unique new feature to create and manage corporate color palette. Now, designers can include information on the corporate color digital color values ​​and the profile of the print device for accurate color reproduction on any press.

For a modern designer enough to have a complete set of samples Pantone colors on paper. The bulk of the work on the creation of models they are doing online, which means that it needs accurate, complete and current Pantone libraries in digital form – for the popular design programs.
Previously, this was a problem. Although many programs for design, for example, Adobe Photoshop, includes a digital library of Pantone, designers still have to deal with problems.
Libraries were often out of date, especially if the designer is not continued to use the latest version of the graphical program.
Designers were available exclusively for Pantone library polgrafii. Libraries Fashion + Home Textile and fashion had to look separately.
All this goes back to the advent of Pantone Color Manager.

Pantone Color Manager is:
A complete set of digital libraries Pantone, which includes over 11,000 colors
• FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated and Solid Uncoated
• COLOR BRIDGE Coated and Uncoated
• PASTELS & NEONS Coated and Uncoated
• Goe Bridge COATED
• CMYK Coated and Uncoated
• FASHION + HOME paper
• FASHION + HOME cotton
• FASHION + HOME nylon brights
For all spot colors are CMYK Pantone Color Bridge values
The ability to export these libraries in QuarkXPress®, the company’s program Corel® and Adobe® Creative Suite
A special program for the evaluation of colors and create custom palettes
Updating programs and color libraries via the Internet
Ability to preview colors with imitation of different lighting conditions
Departure warning colors outside the color gamut of the display device: supports ICC profiles monitors and printing equipment

Compatibility: MacOS X 10.5.X +
Homepage https://www.pantone.com/

Size:125 MB
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