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Nation Red v4.00.1100

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Nation Red v4.00.1100

Nation Red is an ultra fast infinite play arena-based shooter providing an exceptional close-quarter battlefield experience. Fight thousands of zombie mutants and their bosses in frantic bloody gameplay while earning close to 100 perks. Fight in Barricade, Survival or Free Play mode. Play On-Line in coop, in single player or in local coop!

August 17, 1977

Scattered groups of zombies infiltrate remote Midwestern towns. Incapable of using tools or weapons, the invaders are resisted until they retreat back into the desert. Special elimination posses are set up to hunt down any of the surviving undead. Six weeks after the squads started their search-and-destroy mission, the last known zombie was shot and killed.


Over thirty years had passed when a truck driver traveling down a desolate Arizona road plows into a wall of undead. Before the driver’s phone signal went dead, he reported some were carrying guns… They’re back and now they are hunting us.

Key Features:
  • An ultrafast infinite play arenabased shooter providing an exceptional closequarter battlefield experience
  • Fight thousands of zombie mutants and their bosses in frantic bloody gameplay Battle through 18 quests, earn mission stars and fight in a range of gameplay modes: Free Play, Survival and Barricade for unlimited replayability
  • Play singleplayer, online or local coop with up to 4 players, dozens of weapons and earn over 80 perks and 100 achievements!

5 languages ​​available:

  • English – run NationRed.app;
  • Russian – run NationRed (russian).app;
  • German – run NationRed (german).app;
  • French – run NationRed (french).app;
  • Simplified Chinese – run NationRed (schinese).app

To start use the appropriate. app . If there is no desire to do this every time, we delete the extra .apps, and rename the rest to NationRed.app

System Requirements:
  • OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later
  • (Requires Steam for online gameplay)
  • 2GB RAM or better
  • Nvidia or ATI GPU Graphics recommended

Includes: Pre-K’ed (ACTiVATED)

Web Site: http://www.nation-red.com/

Steam Store Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/39800/Nation_Red/#app_reviews_hash

What’s New in Nation Red v4.00.1100

  • Release notes not available at the time of this post.

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Nation Red v4.00.1100

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