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Lingon X 7 is based on the great Lingon 3 and extends it with new features like running jobs as root and at multiple dates. It is now even easier to use yet much more powerful. Version X 7 is a paid upgrade (a license bought today works with Lingon X 6 as well).


  • Start an app, a script or run a command automatically whenever you want it to. You can schedule it to run at a specific times, regularly or when something special happens.
  • It can also make sure that an app or a script automatically restarts if it crashes. Lingon X can do all this for you and much more.
  • Lets you run things automatically by modifying configuration files for the builtin system function called launchd so the system handles running the jobs so you don’t need to have Lingon open after you have saved your job.
  • Released outside Mac App Store to be able to include requested features.
  • Lingon 3 is still available in Mac App Store for those who still use OS X 10.7 Lion or prefer the comfort and convenience of the Mac App Store.
  • Earlier versions of Lingon X are still available to work with macOS from 10.8.


macOS 10.14 or later 64-bit

What’s New in Lingon X 7.4.3

  • Release notes not available at the time of this post.


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