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GoodTask 4.6.0

GoodTask is a Powerful Task/Project Manager based on Apple’s Reminders & Calendars. You can use it as simple checklist to focus or as complex project management tool to get big things done.

GoodTask provides various viewpoints to the things that you care and need to be done. Manage your tasks, projects and even your life better with GoodTask.


  • Syncs with default stock Reminders & Calendars (iCloud/Exchange/etc)
  • Supports fully customizable recurring tasks
  • Manage Reminders Lists and Calendars easily
  • List, Day, Week, Month view on each lists
  • Add Quickly and Smartly with Quick Actions and Text Snippets

Smart Lists

  • List with selective Reminders Lists and Calendars
  • Filter by including or excluding text/tags
  • Filter by Priorities
  • Overdue tasks, Location-based tasks, Recent tasks, etc.

Quick Actions

  • Quickly edit tasks on the fly
  • Bulk actions to edit/check/delete multiple tasks at once
  • Duplicate, Change due dates, add/switch tags/lists, etc.

Other Key Features

  • App Icon Badge & Notifications
  • Dark Theme
  • Today Widget support
  • Time Zone support
  • Subtasks, Automatic Repeat after Completion & Manual sort (GoodTask 3 only)

What’s New:

Version 4.6.0:
Better Search:

  • Search range can be selected between ‘Current List’ and ‘All’
  • Lists & calendar events can be searched
  • Tapping items will let you go into the item directly
  • Searched items are sorted by (Lists) – (Tasks & Events by due date) – (Completed tasks and past events)

Smart List:

  • Smart List Type : Completed
  • Today/Yesterday/Days option added.
  • Days option will show completed tasks for N days. (1 Day – Today. 2 Days – Today & Yesterday, ..)
  • Count option is now optional
  • Smart List : Today. Added option to hide ‘No Time’, ‘Later Tasks’ and ‘Unstarted’
  • No Time – Tasks without time can be hidden
  • Later Tasks – Tasks that due later today can be hidden
  • Unstarted – When start date is different from due date and it hasn’t passed, it can be hidden
  • Smart List Type : ‘Text’ filter type is changed to ‘Tag’

URL Scheme:

  • URL Scheme : Add – Start dates, Location Favorites, Subtasks, Multiple tasks option added
  • Other Improvements:
  • German, Simplified Chinese and Japanese translation has been improved
  • Multi-day Calendar events are shown as today on List/Day view
  • Better App Icon Badge refresh
  • Localization (Portuguese has been changed to Portuguese-Portugal)
  • When ‘Tag Sort Option’ has no tags, it automatically fetches current tags used in Quick Actions and Smart Lists’ filters and tags
  • Text Snippet : Due date – dd.M, M-DD added
  • ‘Preferences – New Task – Contextual Text’ option removed and integrated with List. List will also add priority if it’s in the filter of Smart List
  • Drag and drop task into Smart list is available for Smart Lists containing filters with ‘Tag’ and ‘Priority’ type.
  • This will add filtered tags or priorities to the task when dropped to certain smart list.


  • Custom repeat actions are shown properly when you try to edit them
  • Notes line breaks on printing fixed
  • Calendar events not showing properly on multi-filtered Smart Lists

Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor
Homepage https://apps.apple.com/us/app/goodtask-3/id1143437985


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