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Free up tons of disk space with Gemini 2. It finds duplicate and similar files in every corner of your Mac, including Photos, iTunes, and even external drives. And with the Smart Selection algorithm, you can trust Gemini to remove duplicates correctly and safely.

Gemini 2: The Duplicate File Finder is brought to you by the team behind CleanMyMac 3. Removing clutter and recovering disk space are our specialty, so we made a duplicate cleaner that does both like a pro. Get yourself Gemini 2 and you will…


Free up gigabytes of storage space:

  • Find duplicate files of any kind: pics, music, docs, you name it
    Identify duplicate folders, too
  • Delete duplicates on external drives and network volumes
    Remove duplicates in cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox

Organize your music and photos:

  • Find duplicate photos in your Photos library
  • Detect pictures that are similar, but not identical
  • Spot iTunes duplicates
  • Find similar music in iTunes (files that differ only by format or bit rate)

Save time picking out duplicate files:

  • Trust Gemini to autoselect the copies and keep the originals intact
  • See how similar files differ with the help of handy icons
  • Add your own Smart Selection rules, like deleting the duplicates that are older

Never lose an important file by mistake:

  • If you removed the wrong duplicate, put it back in a click
  • Exclude certain files and folders from scan
  • Move duplicates to a separate folder or onto a USB drive
  • Replace copies with hardlinks to save space without deleting the files

Make finding duplicates less of a drag:

  • Enjoy the sleek spacethemed design
  • Have fun with wacky achievements and ranks
  • See if you can spot the Easter Egg!


CompatibilityOS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor
LanguagesEnglish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Ukrainian

What’s New in Gemini 2.5.7

  • MacOS Catalina support. Gemini will now support the new Apple Music app as well as new updated Photos app.
  • Performance improvement and various bug fixes.


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Gemini 2 The Duplicate Finder icon
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