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Theres nothing else quite like . Designed to run invisibly in the background – you can rest easy knowing that advertisers and marketers aren’t tracking your every click.

You may not know this, but the website’s you visit can store cookies in your browser without your knowledge or consent. Some are helpful, but others are frustrating and invasive. Cookie can help by inhibiting third parties from tracking and profiling you.

Cookie is the ONLY cookie manager which gives you COMPLETE control over YOUR online privacy. Others try, but nothing comes close Cookie’s deeply customizable privacy settings.

YOU decide which cookie’s you want to keep, and exactly what you don’t want – Cookie will clear the rest.


  • Consolidate all your browser privacy settings.
  • Simplified View that takes care of all the technical details for you.


  • Advanced View which puts you in total control of all your privacy settings.
  • Combined cookie view displaying all cookie/flash/localStorage data in one easy to manage view.
  • Cookie’s can be favorited on a per domain, or per cookie basis. You decide.
  • Individual Browser settings. It is possible to configure different automatic removal options for each browser. In the case of Chrome/Chromium/Canary/Brave you can even configure settings per user!
  • A number of removal schedules are possible: When quitting Cookie, when a Browser is Quit, on computer login, On computer waking from sleep, on a customizable time schedule, or entirely manually.
  • Hotkey support, so you can remove all unwanted data quickly and easily.
  • Customizable tracking cookie definitions.
  • Whitelist individual tracking cookies.
  • Clean, modern and Intuitive User Interface.
  • Helpful setup window.
  • Browser extension protection.
  • Full Screen support.
  • iCloud support.
  • Dark/Regular theme.

Cookie supports all the popular browsers:

Safari, Safari Technology Preview, Chrome, Chrome Canary, Firefox, Firefox Nightly, Firefox Developer Edition, Chromium, Opera, Brave and Vivaldi


CompatibilityOS X 10.14 or later, 64-bit processor
LanguagesEnglish, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese

What’s New in Cookie 6.0.4

  • Fixed an issue with potential removal of extension data in non english installs
  • Fixed an issue with removal of data “On Quit”
  • localization corrections
  • Updated Sparkle


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Cookie 6
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