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Descriptions for Cisdem Duplicate Finder 4.8.0

A straightforward duplicate finder and remover that enables you to recover hard disk space by finding and deleting duplicate files

Cisdem DuplicateFinder is a light and user-oriented Mac OS application that provides the required tools and features to find and remove duplicate files from your hard disks.

Simple and intuitive duplicate finder that helps you clean up your Mac in a snap

Cisdem Duplicate Finder comes with a simple and intuitive interface that enables you to quickly select the folders you want to scan for duplicate items. The app also provides support for drag and drop actions.

Note that the Cisdem Duplicate Finder scanning process can be easily customized via the Settings panel: you can choose to ignore packages or files that have a particular extension, or to manually provide the size range for the duplicate files.

The same area enables you to decide if you want to move the deleted files to the trash or to a folder of your choice, or you want to have them removed permanently from the start. In addition, you get to select the scanning method you want to apply: by file content or by file name.

Browse the duplicates results list and decide on your own which files are to be deleted

Within the Cisdem Duplicate Finder Results panel, the duplicate files are organized into multiple tabs, depending on their type: Documents, Images, Music, Videos, Archives, Package, and Other. The app also includes a simple search tool, and offers you the option to further sort the list by file size and type, name, or file count.

When you switch to the Overview mode,  Cisdem Duplicate Finder generates an animated graphic that helps you visualize the space distribution: each file type gets to be represented using a different color label, and you can see the overall storage space occupied by every category.

Preview images and reveal duplicates in the Finder

From each set of duplicate files, you can choose to select the ones you want to delete, or you can decide to hide certain items. Furthermore, you can reveal the selected file in your Finder and, if it is a supported image format, you also can preview the thumbnail directly from within Cisdem Duplicate Finder.

Although Cisdem Duplicate Finder is easy to use and provides multiple sorting options, it does not provide its users with the possibility to automatically mark for deletion multiple duplicates based on various criteria, such as creation date or file size, audio quality and other related information.

You do get to select all the files and delete them at the same time, but if you have multiple duplicates for the same file and you need to decide which document you want to keep, you might find Cisdem Duplicate Finder to be useful if you have to deal with a small number of duplicate files since you have to go through the entire list and verify each selection.

Bottom line, if you need to remove duplicate files from large folders with hundreds or thousands of files based on user defined criteria, you might want to look for alternative solutions better suited to deal with the task.


CompatibilityOS X 10.10 or later 64-bit

What’s New in Cisdem Duplicate Finder 4.8.0

  • 1. Refined the interface for retina display.
  • 2. Improved the capability to remove duplicates in iTunes and Photos.
  • 3. Solved the unable to set Photos library path issue.
  • 4. Solved the IAP buying problem for 1-year license.
  • 5. Fixed some minor bugs.


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