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Chikoo mac


Chikoo – a file organizer for the Mac

Multiple libraries
Create as many libraries as you want and organize whatever files you want in each. For example, organize your articles in one library and movies in another.

Custom attributes
Chikoo does not limit you to a fixed set of hardcoded attributes. For example, organize your articles with respect to the author’s father’s name, or your movies with respect to the director’s pet’s date of birth. It’s all up to you.

Type groups
Organize the file extensions of your files into groups of your choice. For example, put the file extensions “mov” and “mp4” into the “Movies” group, and “jpg” and “png” into the “Images” group. This feature can be useful when organizing multiple types of file within a single Chikoo library.

Lists, smart lists, and list folders
Chikoo libraries have a sidebar in which you can add regular lists, smart lists, and list folders—much like playlists in iTunes.

Library folders
By default, Chikoo leaves files at their existing locations when importing them into a library. But you can also associate folders of your choice with a library, and have Chikoo automatically move or copy files into any of them upon import. With Chikoo, you have complete control over where your files are located on the filesystem.

Compatibility: macOS 10.10 or later 64-bit
Homepage https://codingturtle.com/



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